Futurology of food


To the human race food is everything…

“Although taste is often understood as a biological experience, it can also be seen as a social or cultural phenomenon; an aesthetic, a sociological, economic and anthropological concept referring to cultural patterns of choice and preference. Food is something we all have in common. No matter what we eat or don’t eat; we make personal, cultural, societal, political and aspirational decisions with everything we buy, grow and consume.” – Dr Morgaine Gaye (Food Futurologist)

Food is a large part of our culture, and ultimately determines our survival. As we continue to see rapid technological advancement, the future of the food industry also continues to advance.

“food is at the center of almost everything that is interesting about the future” – Boysen 2015

Where is it going?

As food innovation continues we are working toward the reduction of food waste, improving sustainability of food practices…

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