That’s the famous online adage before Facebook and Google.

Kaycee Nicole is a teenager who owns a blog called Living Colours, where she described in detail the ups and downs of her battle with leukemia, which attracted a great deal of attention and sympathy. When she died on May 14, 2001, the outpouring if grief from her online fans was real and palpable. On May 19, the user “acridrabbit” posted a question: “Is it possible that Jaycee did not exist?” Not only were there inconsistencies in her story, but it also appeared that no one had ever met Jaycee in person. Immediately, some MetaFilters snoops started to pick apart the story, even when as Jaycee believers claim asserted that they had talked to Jaycee on the phone, as well as her mother, several times. But the truth was that Kaycee was just a fiction character created by Debbie Swenson. Swenson…

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