Impact of Emerging Technologies on Future Employment


Within modern society, technology has been at the forefront of dramatically reshaping life as we know it.  In recent years we have seen an exponential increase in the pace at which we see societal change, as well as an increase in the capacity of innovation. This shift into what is being coined as, ‘The Digital Age’, is through ‘emerging technologies‘.

The list of emerging technologies is constantly growing, with robots, VR, smartphones, 3D printing and online communications being a few recently trending. These technologies are broad-based in their scope and significant in their ability to transforming existing businesses and personal lives (West, D.M 2015). The adoption of this digital age has prompted concerns that emerging information and communication technologies will have a dramatic impact on employment, which will see both growing demand for new skills and occupations, as well as job losses in a number of more vulnerable industries (Angus, C 2015).

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