Blog 2

DIGC 335 Blog Post 2 – Alex Kilborn 4500994 For the second stage of the project, a travel website/blog based on travelling lesser known locations, my focus became more on how I could relate it to the subject and technology and less about what the digital artefact actually was. For this I ended up doing […]

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Niche Start Up Vlogs

For this second blog, I will be writing about examples of successful niche businesses and outlining my digital artefact. Amazon is arguably the the most popular long tail business. They have used the internet, to create a platform, that sells rare products, without the need of actually holding the product on a physical shelf. 57% of Amazons […]

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Virtual Reality Part 2

Through My Eyes!

As mentioned in the first post for my digital artefact, i will be teaching myself how to create VR Spaces using Unreal Engine. My artefact will be a blog series, explaining the processes i undertook to create basic elements of VR. Each post will outline what i was attempting to design, what the outcome of my attempt was. It will also discuss what worked, what didn’t work and what i need to improve on for the next attempt. I will use the skills and knowledge from each trial to work towards creating some sort of virtual environment.

After class discussion it was determined that the easiest virtual reality space to create would be a building or room rather then a landscape. This is because buildings and rooms are very structured and made of basic shapes, and elements can be dragged and dropped from already created content in the software. In…

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How Wacom Works

Originally posted on the change is coming:
What About It (source: For this blog post, I am going to break down more on what a drawing tablet is and how it works. A drawing tablet can be explained as another input device for your computer. Its use is not limited just to artist. Architects and…

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