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A key element within cybercultures and social media is branding – personal, business and so on. My digital artifact is solidifying key branding features, content creation & content curating for the Instagram feed @edenspas. This is the Instagram account of Eden Spa, a luxury day spa in Camden. I am going to establish firm branding concepts, themes, designs, tones and basic social media marketing essentials for this Instagram feed by developing branding framework, which will be applied in the content creation and curation. I am going to document the resources I create to organise the feed, via my WordPress blog.

Screen Shot 2017-03-20 at 11.00.07 amScreenshot of the feed I am curating, @edenspas


An opportunity to develop my skills as a Social Media Content Creator, Curator & Marketer:
Creating tools and framework for content creation and curation will enhance the quality and quantity of posts to the account I am working for…

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2 thoughts on “Building Brands on Instagram

  1. Super interesting topic! Iv’e always liked the idea of doing something like this for myself in the future, as in like personal business branding. Something that might help your curation of this account would be getting clients and customers of Eden Spa to use a hashtag and post on their experience there. You could then re-post these images to curate your own account. Would be cool to see some how-to guides maybe 🙂 Happy creating!


  2. I’m actually really interested to see how this turns out – I like that the project is a real-life sort of setting that can actually be applied by others in a realistic setting and learn skills that most of us in the communication sector will have to use one day. Awesome that this also crosses over on a professional level for you to get some marketing experience, congrats 🙂
    I understand that it is early days and you’re tossing up on which media to use for each of the sessions – just make sure that every session has a place to all collectively come together at the end so the audience can see it all at once in a form of instragram marketing 101.


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