From Here to Dystopia

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“Dystopia is only an illusion of an extreme reality that I see on TV and in books”- society 2k17

Traditionally, dystopias are almost always set in the future. Life is presented as a perpetual war, with an omnipresent government surveillance and added public manipulation. There is, however, a timeless cosmological truth that lie beneath the pragmatic realities of everyday life. These truths are not customarily part of our existential or conscious awareness: we must seek it.

My objective is to inform you that dystopias are not always set safely in the future, romanticised by Hollywood films as we collectively refuse to accept the rapid progress and existence of this manufactured reality. If we dare look underneath the surface, we may discover that we are slowly soaking into a virtually inescapable dystopia.

Dystopian fiction intentionally includes elements of contemporary society in order to generate nightmare-like qualities observed by their audience. They…

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