Blog #1: A Brief Look at Malicious Online Communications

A VERY belated first blog post…

Notions of Mine

Capture1My personal favourite example of a malicious comment.

Have you ever received a negative message online?

I feel like in this day and age, it’s almost impossible to find someone who would say no. Negative messages can come in many different forms and differ in severity; anything from a minor insult during a Facebook tiff with someone on a local buy-sell group, to rape and death threats – all from complete strangers. Why does this behaviour seem to be largely ignored, and in some cases, even glorified?

This was a question that came to me after reading Julian Dibbell’s article, A Rape in CyberspaceThe further I delved into it, the more parallels I began to draw to another real life incident that I’d read about a few years ago. Dibbell writes about a harrowing experience shared by a friend from an online community; acting as a second hand source…

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