Popular culture representations of food- A deeper analysis


In my previous blog post , I introduced food futurology, future food trends and some popular culture representations of food futurology. This blog post will show how my ideas have developed and detail my research – exploring the accuracy of these popular culture representations, and what they reveal.


Food is of the upmost importance to human survival, thus explaining our fixation and obsession with food and every single process involved in bringing it to our mouths. Food is often seen as a reflection of our quality of life ….

“Malnutrition in all its forms is closely linked, either directly or indirectly, to major causes of death and disability worldwide. The causes of malnutrition are directly related to inadequate dietary intake”… “which is responsible for perpetuating a generational cycle of poverty” (UNICEF 2006 & WHO 2013).

In this way it is easy to see why we have many fears for…

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