A step further than aesthetically pleasing: Tattoos transforming life as we know it

Cyberculture and Tattooism

In my first blog post, ‘Brand me and my Identity’, I explored the history of tattoos and gave a quick overview on the historical influence technology had on tattoo culture and the path it’s taken within contemporary society. It also demonstrated a small ‘think tank’ of ideas which I came across through my research such as electronic ink, 3D Printer tattoo machine and a self-barcoding tattooing that will be expanded through this post.

I failed to mention however, the huge impact Cyberculture has had on Tattooism. Cyberpunks have had, without being too generous, huge impact on the culture of tattoos and body modifications. With the binary dualism Cyberpunk offers, the human/ punk and the machine / cyber, it offers the opportunity to establish and develop a world of body modification, tattoos or any form of ‘body-hack’. These body hacks are giving individuals a sense, a need and a want to…

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