Progress Report – #foodporn


To briefly recap my digital artefact, I will be looking into the cyber cultures of the ever-evolving online food industry and specifically looking at how the social media platform, Instagram, has impacted it. Mostly this cyber culture can be addressed as – #foodporn.

I will be analysing the seemingly most popular sub cultures of #foodporn such as:

  • Vegan/ Clean eating
  • Dessert
  • Cheesy
  • Fast Food

I intend to explore the different aspects of what makes a post popular, such as:

  • Hashtags (#foodporn)
  • Quality of visual experience (photo or video)
  • Comments

The overall goal of this research project is to determine what sub genre of #foodporn is most popular, and what aspects contribute to its popularity.

My method of research involves the creation of an Instagram page (chocolate_vegetables) that is dedicated to all sub genres of #foodporn, and create original and relevant content for the page. I will post multiple images of…

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