The Secret Life of Travel Vlogging

the secret life of vlogging

The world of daily travel vlogging may appear like the dream life. I think this is why I became so absorbed in this incredibly addictive and intriguing YouTube world at the beginning of 2016. You can read more about my personal experiences in this field here. Through my research, I have uncovered two particular areas which add some more depth and critical thinking to this supposedly perfect world, and has allowed me to furthermore unravel the secret life of travel vlogging.

‘We have been encouraged to believe that we are no longer the sum of our products, but the sum of our experiences’ (Lewis-Kraus, 2016)

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Travel Experiences & Capturing Them

People have travelled throughout the course of history, and they would generally paint or write to share their stories. It is believed that the birth of travel photography, started with two French photographers, Gustave Flaubert and Maxime Du Camp who explored…

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