Blog Post 2 – Emerging Technologies Impact on Australian Workforce.


In my first DIGC335 blog, I highlighted the potential rise in unemployment rates globally as emerging technologies begin to take over our workforce. This concern is prompted by the role technology has played in dramatically reshaping all areas of life. In recent years, we have seen an exponential increase in the pace at which we see societal change, as well as an increase in the capacity of innovation. Economists believe that this continual emergence of information and communication technologies will have a dramatic impact on employment, which will see both growing demand for new skills and occupations, as well as job losses in a number of vulnerable industries (Angus, C 2015).

One economists who shares these views is Andrew McAfee (2013), who offers an insightful TED talk on what he believes future jobs will look life. His talk provides an extensive understanding on this shift into what he coins ‘The New Machine…

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