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Zines, as of late have seen an overhaul from DIY counter-culture micro mags to an exploitable marketing technique (Arnold, 2016). The most influential of these “Big Budget” zines would be Kanye West’s Season 2 Look-book. A calculated and dry approach to a previously handmade medium. This motion towards the clean, the crisp and the easily available is what I aim to challenge with “Digital killed the Analog Star”.

kayneseasonzine_2-645x430.jpg Yeezy Season 4 (West and Nickerson, 2017)

In keeping with this more aggressive, pointed approach to my digital artefact, I have also decided to make my message more direct. Though it would be easy and inclusive to involve digital and analog artists within the zine, I felt like the message of analog artistry maintaining relevance would be more direct if I were to include sole analog artists. This both cuts down the book and makes it more categorical.

Through much digging, I have discovered 10 guidelines to producing a…

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