VR and Food?


My love for virtual reality stemmed largely from science-fiction and particularly its correlation with video games (specifically in science-fiction), and I would say for the larger, general audience, VR is seen primarily for its functions of entertainment. Doing my digital artefact has thrown me into a world of VR tech, and has shown me the endless possibilities for VR outside of entertainment. As the son of a chef and a restaurateur, food has always been both an interest and a very important focal point in my life, and so when I heard about VR’s introduction into the culinary world, well, how could I not be interested?

Take for example Project Nourished. Based in LA, Project Nourished is a team of artists, chefs and various other tradespeople led by Jinsoo An. Project Nourished (both the name of the team and the project) uses VR technology, an “aroma diffuser” (like an automated…

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