VR and Food?

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My love for virtual reality stemmed largely from science-fiction and particularly its correlation with video games (specifically in science-fiction), and I would say for the larger, general audience, VR is seen primarily for its functions of entertainment. Doing my digital artefact has thrown me into a world of VR tech,…

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The Future for Women in STEM & Arduino’s Practical Influence

The present and the future are inevitably becoming rapidly technological. The possibilities are quite literally endless, with autonomous cars, clean meats and virtual reality technologies becoming more and more of a reality than ever before. As a result of this, the workforce has changed dramatically since the early 1900s, — manual labour is becoming less […] […]

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Sir David AttenBRUH

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Current events in recent weeks have provided the perfect segway for my research topic and board game design for DIGC310. March for Science is a movement that occurred in major cities all over the world in an effort to purify scientific method and demonstrate the involvement of politics in innovation and…

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