VR and Food?


My love for virtual reality stemmed largely from science-fiction and particularly its correlation with video games (specifically in science-fiction), and I would say for the larger, general audience, VR is seen primarily for its functions of entertainment. Doing my digital artefact has thrown me into a world of VR tech, and has shown me the endless possibilities for VR outside of entertainment. As the son of a chef and a restaurateur, food has always been both an interest and a very important focal point in my life, and so when I heard about VR’s introduction into the culinary world, well, how could I not be interested?

Take for example Project Nourished. Based in LA, Project Nourished is a team of artists, chefs and various other tradespeople led by Jinsoo An. Project Nourished (both the name of the team and the project) uses VR technology, an “aroma diffuser” (like an automated…

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The Future for Women in STEM & Arduino’s Practical Influence

The present and the future are inevitably becoming rapidly technological. The possibilities are quite literally endless, with autonomous cars, clean meats and virtual reality technologies becoming more and more of a reality than ever before. As a result of this, the workforce has changed dramatically since the early 1900s, — manual labour is becoming less […]

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Catneys: The Final Frontier


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A Minute in the Life

It’s been a long and emotional journey forming the final concepts for my digital artifact. I’m sticking with cat kidneys, and if anything, the stress of almost losing my best friend has really put into focus the need for this development. In this blog, I explore my own personal experience, as well as some of the ethical issues surrounding 3D printed organs.

Want to know more?

There are some great articles featuring the ethics of 3D printed organs for human patients:

To follow the story so far check out:

Further Reading:

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Sir David AttenBRUH


Current events in recent weeks have provided the perfect segway for my research topic and board game design for DIGC310. March for Science is a movement that occurred in major cities all over the world in an effort to purify scientific method and demonstrate the involvement of politics in innovation and discovery.

The March for Science champions robustly funded and publicly communicated science as a pillar of human freedom and prosperity. We unite as a diverse, nonpartisan group to call for science that upholds the common good and for political leaders and policy makers to enact evidence based policies in the public interest.

-March for Science Mission 

Now the reason that sparked March for Science is partly the on going climate change debate, even though there is a majority consensus there are some public figures who’s voices are projected through social media and cyberculture, spreading doubt amongst the public. But…

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On Facebook, no one knows I’m an introvert (project proposal #2)



Are these images familiar? Do you find yourself or anyone you know in these pictures? If yes, how have/has you or your friend changed since you

or your friend got the first smartphone?


I have to admit that I was once addicted to the Internet, and to be more specific, social media. I had always thought social media was a bunch of nonsense until I started using it. Social media is such an interesting way of communication that I used to spend half a day just to “go online” and talk with my virtual friends, and my dad was so afraid that I was being more quiet since I was born a quiet person.

The Internet has been accused of making us more quiet, or as some said, it’s creating a more introverted generation. They say that humans are more and more dependent in social media in communication that…

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From Here to Dystopia: Part 2

Just Another Media Blog

So, it has been about one month since my first blog post was published. The central idea and themes have not really changed at all- but my perceptions have along with my faith in humanity. In the first phases of my research when I was first figuring out my plan of attack, I thought that watching the films I listed in my dystopian fiction and going on to dissect them was going to be the easiest part of this assignment. I was very wrong. In my presentation, I used two examples of dystopian fiction (The Handmaid’s Tale and Battle Royale) and after watching them both several times each then going on to analyse and critique them and then try and equate them with modern day society was an arduous task! This is my dissection of both films so far in comparison with our society today:

Battle Royale

  1. Younger generations targeted

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French Nationalism, Le Pen and The Alt-Right

First Post In case you missed it, which seems almost physically impossible, Le Pen made it through the first round of the French Presidential election and that’s not exactly great. I’m, honestly, a little worried. Though most polls, pundits and commentators should quell my nerves by predicting an overwhelming defeat for Le Pen, the stakes seem too high […]

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