VR Education

You’re probably think “We get it Jess, VR is becoming bigger, but you can shut up about it.” I know I know, my obsession with VR is getting a bit much. But I promise, this ones exciting and relevant to you in the best way.

VR has always been thought of more of an entertainment system which I think creates this idea people have that it won’t ever really be revolutionary, but thats so far from the truth. And this company I found while doing some research is going to help prove my point.

Welcome to ImmersiveVREducation who specialise in trying to make VR in education become prominent and have been doing so for years. They have literally simulated lecture halls in order for students to be apart of their lectures through VR. This doesn’t just mean they get to do a lecture in virtual reality, it means new effects are added. Special effects that wouldn’t be able to be accessed through regular means. Imagine learning about animal care and suddenly the lecture room becomes a vets office. Imagine learning about NASA and suddenly the lecture room becomes a space shuttle. Its important to remember that 90% of what we see and do is remembered. This seems to get lost in the system of education. But we can bring this back.


This truly can evolve the way we educate. And if you think back – this all started somewhere? This started with smart boards that your teachers refused to use. Which is another topic to discuss in itself. Why do teachers reject these new devices? Why do they deny the new generations of these incredibly exciting new ways to learn?

In Keiden and I’s podcast, “The Future is Now, The Future is WOW” we discuss these very points. Will VR in education happen smoothly or will there be a lot of rejection, and why?

I do think there will be rejection, we can see that even by comparing this to the era of smart boards. My teachers never used them and Keiden and Riley agreed in the podcast. The worst part was, they just used it as a whiteboard. Its like getting given a jumper when you’re cold and putting it around your waste. WHY?

The core reason honestly is probably that they just don’t know how to use them, which is fair. Teachers aren’t getting taught how to utilise these new technologies, theres no wonder they’re not teaching their students.

Terry Keick made a very interesting article about why teachers are rejecting technology in Education. An interesting point he makes is that technology is just lumped together and this is a problem. The iPad is lumped together with Youtube and Youtube with Mobiles and Mobiles with Facebook instead of acknowledging each for their own. So when we think technology, we think social media, basically. I think its this stigma that needs to go that will eventually allow for a real chance for VR in education. Its not all about entertainment.

Feel free to go through the website of ImmersiveVREducation – http://immersivevreducation.com


These topics are all discussed in our podcasts that have been recorded however some technical difficulties in getting them up have come up! They will be up and running to show you guys during our presentation.

One thought on “VR Education

  1. I am very interested to find out what answers you are able to form from all your hypothetical questions! Many people don’t realise that this is a very current issue within our schooling system today, so I hope you are able to possibly list some potential solutions if rejection is in fact the result of educational VR technologies.


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