Catchya later Cyber bullying…

Sasha Hall

Bullying. What is it?

Bullying is defined as the ongoing misuse of power in a relationship through verbal, physical or social means that results in the victims feeling helpless, alone and vulnerable. It is most common in the school grounds as children are yet to accommodate for influences that they don’t understand. However, bullying does progress into the world of adults.

One particular form of bullying that doesn’t seem to have enough published information or preventative programs is Cyber bullying. Cyber bullying is bullying, but through the means of technology. It can be online on your social media profiles, via email or text messages, it can be in the playground, in the work place and even in some cases, at the gym or in the grocery store, and the main offenders of cyber bullying are those who don’t appear to be dominant in day to day activities and seek stability…

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