Personal Branding Designs

As per usual with this subject, I’ve swapped topics from my original Utopia vs Dystopia in video games. A lot of people have been giving presentations on branding, and why your online persona is so important, and my mind immediately jumped to ‘Then why does no one want to pay for personal branding if it’s […]

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Cyberbullying 2.0

Originally posted on Sasha Hall:
Carrying on from my last blog post, I have had a few changes in direction for what I am going to make of my Cybercultures Research Project. I am going to write a report and convey all the information and the hard facts in an impactful way that I hope…

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Food and technology pt. 2

There are different ideas of what the future of food will look like, but everyone agrees on what it should provide: a food system that can feed everyone, everywhere, every day. Ways to make food processes and production more sustainable are imperative to feed the world’s growing population. Advances in agriculture once allowed us to […]

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VR Education

You’re probably think “We get it Jess, VR is becoming bigger, but you can shut up about it.” I know I know, my obsession with VR is getting a bit much. But I promise, this ones exciting and relevant to you in the best way. VR has always been thought of more of an entertainment […]

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