Digital Identities: Digital Artifact & Contextual Essay

Madeleine Burkitt

For my DIGC335 digital artefact, I chose to explore digital identities. My artifact, a ten-minute podcast, discusses a series of key questions related to the topic area, narrated by me. I feel that I’ve been able to create an artefact that satisfactorily fulfilled my aims in regard to both research and presentation for an audience.

My podcast can be accessed below:

Reflections on research:

My research began as an exploration of personal behaviour and ethics in digital spaces. I was interested in how our behaviours and choices online impacted ourselves and others, and felt that a how-to type guide to navigating digital spaces ethically would be useful to a number of audiences. Whilst I came across some relevant and encouraging research (namely by Ess (2013) in Digital Media Ethics), I had difficulty refining the scope of this broad topic area into something that was both manageable and appropriate. I felt…

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