Dronea Vinci?

Originally posted on sophemacy:
Science fiction directs how cyberculture is understood, it does not attempt to predict the future but reflects the now as today’s society is virtual. Technology is overtaking our lives whether we like it or not. Drones have been conversation starters since they became available to purchase within the public. They previously…

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The Life of a Computer

Originally posted on Tate's Blog:
There are countless ‘how to’ videos all over the internet that explain everything from how to complete a certain mission in a game to how you build own car and building Personal Computers, or PC’s, is no exception. Platforms like YouTube are saturated with videos about how to build…

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Originally posted on ALEX:
Cyberspace, otherwise known as ‘a notional environment in which communication over computer networks occurs.’(Wikipedia 2018), has facilitated the birth of many weird and wonderful things, including an entirely new culture with new ideas and perspectives. This can also be understood as Internet culture which includes various takes on areas such as design, music, art…

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Bioethics in Science-Fiction

Originally posted on brittaspencer:
In an era where the rate of technological advancement is increasing more dramatically than ever, the introduction and application of new technologies – more often than not – comes hand in hand with the question just because we can do something, does it mean that we should? Through my digital artefact…

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