Cyber Identities- Digital Artefact Proposal

Thoughts, spilled onto a blog.

stickers_6172521dddd99f2d363bb614fcdff47e.gif2018 is the final year for me as a double degree University student. For almost five years I have been consuming and absorbing various information. For my research topic for BCM325 I wanted to merge my two subject areas together and look at how technology has helped shape social relationships from a more sociological perspective.

As time moves on, society changes and we can see that in the way we behave both sexually and socially through technology.

Technology enables the expression and actualization of sex and social interaction in increasingly diverse ways.

For my project I want to look at the idea of having a cyber self and cyber sexuality in various forms, such as online dating sites and apps. But I am mainly going to focus on online gaming with a focus on games such as World or Warcraft, which is one of the biggest experiential communities, as of

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