~ A E S T H E T I C S ~

Meggen Pigram

For my research report/digital artefact, I’m going to be looking at digital aesthetics. I’ll be doing extensive research into the various types (e.g vapourwave and glitch art), and what makes them so popular among our generation. Why are we so nostalgic for the 90’s aesthetic when we can’t even remember it? How does one achieve digitally aesthetic perfection?

The digital artefact aspect of my research will be a Twitter & Instagram account where I create my own digitally aesthetic content, mainly GIFs and images. I want to experiment with which aesthetics are most popular and gain the most traction – and which platform is more successful in this feat. The content will likely be stills from scenes in films of the cyberpunk genre, turned into glitch/vapourwave. The Twitter posts will be super short and perhaps include a quote from the text. However, the Instagram posts will share my actual research…

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