BCM325 – A New Space Race?

Eliza Appel

The first space race began about 60 years ago as the big superpower countries of the US and Russia aimed to initially get humanity into space and then to plant a flag on the moon. Since then the interest in space exploration and space travel, although garnering a news spot on occasion, has dramatically decreased. That is until very recently, namely with SpaceX and Elon Musk’s personal Tesla being sent into orbit around the Sun via the Falcon Heavy rocket. Though there is controversy around sending what could be seen as advertising into space, the most important part of the Falcon Heavy project is the twin synchronised landing, a grand display to the world, the future of reusable launch vehicles.

It has been this middle stage of figuring out how to continue space exploration without the enormous cost involved that grounded the old space race to a halt. Robots have…

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