Blog post 1 ~ Branding culture

Madness and Mayhem

Branding culture is the internal decision making process, however it is externally presented to their consumers, also known as advertising. To become sustainable and keep the brands relevance, the brand system must act like a culture, a collection of human intellect and behaviour. The consumer has a large hold in the branding community as they have the ability to manipulate/fuel designer’s ideas. Internally, the brand is built on themes and a consistent thinking process. Externally, depending on the community of users and viewers, the brand will build a form of communication, where the appearance holds importance.

Traditionally, media (brands being one of them) was driven solely on transitional media such as newspapers, radio and television programs. However as social media grows with advances in technology, us ordinary’s become a collectively intelligent source of media, spreading our own resources and combining knowledge with those of other users, ultimately creating media that…

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