Compact Disc VS Spotify

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The retro cassette tape is an iconic piece of music history. I remember specifically driving with my Mum in town, listening to ABBA cassettes. Then, as I grew up and we upgraded cars, CD‘s were all the rage.. there’s something about So Fresh CD’s that will always have a special place in my heart. 5 years later, I was gifted an iPod. I (completely legally) obtained music via Limewire and infected my family’s home desktop with many virus’.. whatever it takes to listen to bangers everyday.

After purchasing my first iPhone, Spotify was my new love. Personally curated playlists and music recommended for me was awesome. I pay AU$6 per month for unlimited music streaming of my favourite artists.

The Evolution of Music Devices

  1. In 1963, the Philips Company introduced the compact cassette as a new was of listening to music. This was the first type of music player…

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