Cyber Communities: Subculture Communities? FURDOM?

No Frills Neil

The shift in paradigm has enabled technology to project an array of infinite and limitless online possibilities. From online gaming, virtual reality, to social networking etc. With what comes with of the many different facets of the online and cyberspace, follows online individuals, members, groups which ultimately form an online community.

Being in my third year and last year of University. I am very excited to have control and flexibility with my research topic for BCM325. As someone who enjoys the array of possibilities of the online worlds and online gaming, I have decided to enter the realm of cyber/online communities. Specifically looking at why these online communities exist and understanding the importance of social interaction via the online world.

Firstly, my research project will explore the many facets of certain online communities that exist, and through which various platforms these online communities utilise. Thus this Digital Artefact is aimed…

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