Technological Body Augmentation – A Research Project

virginia hodgkinson

History of Body Modifications

Body modification can be defined as “any method of permanently adorning the body, including tattooing and piercing” (Perper et al, 2017). It is also something which is an ancient practice with the earliest documented tattoo being that adorned on the body of the 5000 year old mummy, Otzi. Similarly scarification is another from of body modification which also has originated from ancient times. Scarification was established and practiced by Indigenous Australians as early as 60 000 BCE. Depending on the culture, scarification was used for numerous reasons. Ranging from the belief that scarification has the power to heal someone and through to simply aesthetic purposes. Piercing also started off as an ancient practice but did not become extremely popular in western culture until after the Renaissance (Perper et al, 2017).

Each of these body modifications have changed to fit culture over time and are still…

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