The FEAR of the MANBOT

Meg Louise

“Creating a neural lace is the thing that really matters for humanity to achieve symbiosis with machines” – Elon Musk

UnknownIn 2017, Telsa’s Founder Elon Musk claimed humans must become cyborgs if they are to stay relevant in a future dominated by artificial intelligence. Let’s take a moment to process this statement. Allow this claim to sink into every crevice of your brain as it starts eating away at the minds logic and reason. You begin to fear the machine as you imagine it wiping out humanity. Perhaps your lucky enough to escape this phase of assured annihilation and appreciate the powerful impact technological advancements can have on society. This integration of machine and man suggests a total reshaping of society and introduces a world where artificial and organic merge into one.

My initial reaction to Musk’s words,  was one of pure fear. This embedded fear that grew within me originated from some heavily overthinking of fictional film…

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