Dystopias of yesterday as today’s reality

kristy ackerman

“The chief obstacle to the progress of the human race is the human race”.

          – Don Marquis

We are our own worst nightmare. Philosopher, Don Marquis famously illuminated the idea that the human race is an obstacle to itself. This idea is one that has been seen in many schools of thought and seemingly dominates the premise of dystopian texts, which typically ascribe to the science fiction or cyberpunk genre.


In looking at these genres, and their dystopian counterparts it is clearly evident that the extensive work of academics and researchers to prove and distinguish the role of dystopian texts as sharing “a commitment to “social critique” is undeniably true. This social critique allows for society to reflect on their own sense of reality, presenting itself as a warning against contextual concerns and the decline of society. Maria Varsam iterates this idea in her work “Concrete…

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