Virtual Reality

Sunny Commandeur

What’s VR?

Virtual Reality (VR) is the use of computer technology to create a simulated environment around the user. VR has been portrayed in numerous ways throughout sci-fi, from Star Trek’s Holodeck, to the Matrix’s Headjack, and Pygmalion’s Spectacles.

The implementation of we are currently living with is much closer to the 80’s vision of VR – cyberpunk-esque chunky headsets covering the eyes, with motion control and haptic feedback systems literally at our fingertips.

Who’s Behind it?

Major players in the VR headset industry at the moment are as follows –

oculus-touch Occulus Rift

  • Occulus VR – Created the Occulus Rift, the breakthrough headset that started the latest VR wave. Now owned by Facebook, development has started to incorporate many more social aspects. A powerful but chunky device.
    Also teamed up with Samsung to create the Gear VR, a portable VR headset that uses Samsung phones as the…

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