BCM325 Proposal: Virtual Reality & Storytelling with 360° Illustrations

The Specs

A quick explanation of Virtual Reeality (VR) by HowStuffWorks

“A virtual reality system is an interactive technology setup (software, hardware, peripheral devices, and other items) that acts as a human-to-computer interface and immerses its user in a computer-generated three-dimensional environment.” (Meinhold 2013)

Addressed as one of the technology trends for 2018, Virtual Reality (VR) is on its way to becoming integrated into every possible field—from medical to education to business, you name it. Yet as prevalent as it appears, VR can be quite an elusive concept for newcomers; however, it can essentially be recognised through these five criteria: believability, interactivity, whether it is computer-generated, explorability, and immersion.

NASA VIVEDInitially created to improve flight simulators and for astronaut training, the early VR technologies was then modified by NASA in their remarkably successful attempt in the 1980s to create the first VR system which consisted of a host computer, a…

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