How Film and Television are Influencing the Future – Proposal

jessica lauren

How film and television are influencing the future

Film, without a doubt, plays a key part in the future of society and technology; it has the power to sway our behaviours as a society and has a large impact of the development of technology and our abilities.

Science fiction films in particular, depict a vast number of hypothetical technologies, from weapons to personal devices, even offering predictions to the future of cyborg technology. These movies provide inspiration for future technology, as we strive to prove we are capable of making such technology a reality. An example being in ‘Star Trek’; they used flat, touch-based devices called Personal Access Display Devices (PADD) which have a striking resemblance to Apple’s iPad’s and other tablet devices created some 20 years after the show. Sometimes the opposite happens, like in ‘Back to the Future’, where 2015 was meant to have amazing tech like self-lacing…

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