How to Drone 101

Edwina Jones

It’s Christmas morning, and the whole family is opening their presents. I’m sitting next to my brother, and he hands me my gift.

I open it and laugh.

He has bought me this….

IMG_1124.JPG Me looking Perplexed, 2018

A selfie drone!

I have never owned a drone and have no idea how to operate one.

So naturally a few hours later after a heavy lunch and some beverages, we headed down the paddock to try out my new toy.

It was a disaster!

My brother took the first flight which almost ended with the drone being lost in the creek.

After that, I attempted a few more flights, but none successfully…

Here is a photo I took with the Selfie Drone, note it is not flying. This was the best job I could manage.

IMG_1122 3.JPG No Idea How To Use This Thing, 2018

Until now…

My aim of the semester, is to…

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