Technology Taking Over Food

Kara Henderson

How do we see the future of food? Do we imagine our meals to be cut up in all weird shapes and sizes? Will we have newly discovered ingredients? Will all of our meals be served in liquid? And how will these foods be available to us? Robots? Smart Kitchens? Vending machines?

150-3698474-star-trek-food-synthesizerTechnology has been forever altering and improving our way of of life. (Brearley, 2018) From communication to transportation, innovating a more convenient way has almost become addictive. We are constantly competing with other businesses and creating new strategies. (Brearley, 2018) Our eating habits and ways are something we can choose to be consciously aware of. Today, our eating habits can be monitored through diet apps, smart kitchens and devices, online ordering such as Uber Eats, the list is never ending. How will we be eating in 50 years? Are some countries already there? How far can we go?

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