The ethics of self reliant technology

Tamara Kelly

Specifically self driving cars…

Today, technology is involved in almost every aspect of our lives including our social lives, our jobs, fashion, even food and this involvement only keeps increasing. We are so captivated by technology and what we can achieve with it that there is no slowing down.

There has always been a futuristic and ambitious idea of autonomous vehicles. All the way back in 1925 a company called Houdina Radio Control Company even experimented with driverless cars by demonstrating to the public a car that was seemingly driving by itself. Even though it was being controlled by remote from someone in the car behind it, it was a step forward into this revolutionary technology. Cut to the present and driverless cars are closer to becoming mainstream on our roads. Companies like Uber and Google are already utilising this technology and transforming this idea. Uber created its Advanced Technology…

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