The Life of a Computer

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There are countless ‘how to’ videos all over the internet that explain everything from how to complete a certain mission in a game to how you build own car and building Personal Computers, or PC’s, is no exception. Platforms like YouTube are saturated with videos about how to build your own PC and how easy it is to do.

giphy (2).gifScreen Shot 2018-03-23 at 7.41.10 pm

Unfortunately learning how to build something from most of these videos is like learning how to cook. In my experience learning how to cook it felt like every three seconds was somebody saying “and then leave it in the oven until it looks like its done”. Well what in the world is done supposed to look like? What if my oven is different from yours? How do I test when I think something is done? and I believe that videos of people explaining how to build a PC have the same…

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