Cyberspace, otherwise known as ‘a notional environment in which communication over computer networks occurs.’(Wikipedia 2018), has facilitated the birth of many weird and wonderful things, including an entirely new culture with new ideas and perspectives. This can also be understood as Internet culture which includes various takes on areas such as design, music, art and even forms of language. Today’s youth are the primary consumers of this culture, eating it up like a dog eats up…pretty much everything:

Internet art, as previously acknowledged, is a direct result of internet culture. Although most are created using some kind of computer software/programming, internet art can be anything that is uploaded through a web browser e.g. ‘images of paintings uploaded for viewing in an online gallery.’(Wikipedia 2018).
Vaporwave is an internet art movement with a distinctly different look. It initially began as a meme and form of electronic music that…

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