BCM325, BLOG I: the a**hole of the internet

april misiluti


In 2003, we witnessed a few notable instances; Finding Nemo opened at the box office to a near one billion dollars, the world lost Johnny Cash and a high school student made a website that would much later be the catalyst to the creation of a world famous decentralised international hacktivist group. Even more so than that, it would go on to serve as a hub for both complete sick depravity and enveloping purity, a community in which you could be actively involved within a massive group of individuals hell bent in bringing justice to an animal abuser, but where you would have to scroll past a few unpleasant images of genitals to get there. While a vast majority of those whom use the internet regularly today may not be familiar with 4chan.org or it’s contents, a large percentage would unwittingly be participants in it’s biggest success…

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