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This post entails a brief introduction into the realm of Surveillance, specifically in Australia, and its importance within society. Surveillance is detrimental to state, societal and individual security and protection, as it enables society to carry on safely and efficiently. Without surveillance consequences such as banking hacking, traffic control hijacking and…

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How to become an Instagram Influencer?

April Verjoustinsky

As I dive into my research project for BCM325 I continue to question what it takes to become a successful Instagram influencer.

IMG_4735 Instagram Page: @foodsfordayss

My research project involves personal growth as an Instagram food blogger through the implementation of my Instagram page @foodsfordayss.

The Building of a Successful Instagram Persona

Link to previous Blog Post relating to my Instagram account @foodsfordayss.

After having the account running for 2 years only recently have I noticed a fluctuating increase in followers and have received the chance to review and share products sent to me by Australian companies.

IMG_4737 Company sent product by @kezs_kitchen.

In addition to the company sent products I receive, restaurants and cafes have spotted my page, providing the opportunity to come into their store to receive a complimentary meal. In return, these companies ask for social media reviews (Facebook, Zomato, Trip Advisor Reviews), and an Instagram promotional post.

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