BCM325 Blog Post 2


Could integrating Artificial Intelligence and advanced technology to the highest extent with the police make the police force an invincible force? And would it be a step forward or step backward for society and the justice system?

  1. Machine, Body, Self and the Cyborg:

    Upon beginning research, all I did was just review information I learned of cyborg’s in this class which was the tutorial in week 5. This was a good way to start off so I can get the main ideas and points down, most importantly the difference between a cyborg, a robot and an android.

  2. Review of film AI’s

    I looked into all the most popular examples of AI’s which are used in film such as: 2001: A Space Odyssey, The Terminator and Westworld. I chose to look specifically into these films as it involves AI which turn against humans (HAL, Skynet and all the androids in…

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