BCM325 – Boldly Going Where No One Is

Eliza Appel

Continuing on from my previous blog post I thought it would me prudent to take a closer focus on the first step in space exploration, a lunar base, and what this actually means for humanity.

The ‘dream’ in humanity’s quest in space is not only to explore its depths but to actually forge civilisation onto other planets and moons. Interplanetary societies that cooperate and work in similar ways to the ones at home on Earth. It’s the idea of a utopia out in the stars. With the industrial revolution, writers were able to expand their goals for humanity with the unlimited potential of mechanical production (Lipecky 1998, p.2). H.G. Well’s War of the Worlds (1898) and Jules Verne Around the Moon (1870) rose amongst this brutal upending of technological reform. Riding alongside the Industrial Revolution was a world coming closer together, blank areas of the map erased, different countries and societies…

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