BCM325: Future Cultures Research Project Post 2 – VR The New Social Media


Following up on my first blog post I have began my attempt in re-creating my lounge room in virtual reality. I have downloaded Unity and began my attempt. When i first opened the program I was instantly confused so decided to devote a few hours to playing around with the program I came to find it similar to a plugin I use in After Effects called Element3D.

Advanced Forced Opacity Full).jpg


The layout of Element3D as you can see in the image above is similar to Unity with the models and materials presented the same in the bottom of the screen. Once i noticed this similarity, using the program became more comfortable. After some playing around – not focusing particularly on the lounge room but more on just getting used to the program I created this. 22221.png

Figuring out how to insert a model was embarrassingly a challenge. It took me a while to find…

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