Technological Body Modification: An Update

virginia hodgkinson

This blog post extends on what I discussed in my previous blog post, which you can check out here. This blog post will help to further outline my research on technological body modifications and outline the course I will undertake for the rest of my research. This post will then finally highlight how I will be presenting and organising this research as a digital artefact.

 The only aspect of my research that has majorly changed from my pervious blog post is that this digital artefact will now place grater emphasis on the ethics behind body modifications, as these are the issues society will need to look and and discuss in our future cultures when (or of) technological body modifications become more common place for the everyday individual.

2006-03-30_-_Hands.0.0 An example of the small technological body modifications that you can get now! Read the article here.

 Ethics Behind Technological…

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