The Tamagotchi Effect – Part II

In my previousFutureCultures blog post, I wrote about my curiosity towards digitalcompanionship systems, while raising a few questions regarding functionality, philosophy, and ethics. Today, I have since stuck firmly to my original research proposal, launching myself into a multitude of sources to better help my understanding towards these complex machines and the symbiotic relationship they share with human beings.

For humans, forming relationships are an essential part of social and psychological development. It’s an intrinsic need and desire for all things living. Since the introduction of digital companions, we have since seen an increased level of connectivity, both physically and emotionally, between humans and machines. Despite a device’s inability to reciprocate genuine emotions, some humans still feel the need and responsibility to project their feelings onto these companion systems. This concept has become to be known as the ‘Tamagotchi Effect’ 


According to Valpreda and Zonda’s in…

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