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This is only a rough draft of the arguments and research

Definition – A video Blog: a record of your thought, opinions or experiences that you film and publish on the Internet. (Cambridge dictionary,

History Of Vlogs –

Types of Vlogging – There are many types of Vlogs and ways of Vlogging the 10 most popular categories of Vlogging

  1. Review and Unboxing
  2. Pranks and Comedy
  3. Beauty & Fashion
  4. How to
  5. Lifestyle
  6. Gamer
  7. Movie/ Books/ TV reviews
  8. Travel
  9. Pop culture
  10. Discursive

( –

Research into these Types – Review, How to, Lifestyle, Travel, Beauty & Fashion

Relevant examples – Reviews: ijustine, Marques Brownlee

How to: Phlearn, Jessica Kobeissi

Lifestyle: Peter McKinnon, Casey Neistat,

Travel: Jay Alvaraz, Sam Kolder

Issues as to the Negative look towards Vlogs and Vlogging – Peoples general knowledge of Vlogs can be very misleading, through the research of peoples opinions of Vlogs and…

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