How to become an Instagram Influencer?

As I dive into my research project for BCM325 I continue to question what it takes to become a successful Instagram influencer.

IMG_4735 Instagram Page: @foodsfordayss

My research project involves personal growth as an Instagram food blogger through the implementation of my Instagram page @foodsfordayss.

The Building of a Successful Instagram Persona

Link to previous Blog Post relating to my Instagram account @foodsfordayss.

After having the account running for 2 years only recently have I noticed a fluctuating increase in followers and have received the chance to review and share products sent to me by Australian companies.

IMG_4737 Company sent product by @kezs_kitchen.

In addition to the company sent products I receive, restaurants and cafes have spotted my page, providing the opportunity to come into their store to receive a complimentary meal. In return, these companies ask for social media reviews (Facebook, Zomato, Trip Advisor Reviews), and an Instagram promotional post.

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