Blog 2: Cybernetic Film Review

Liam Prince

In my previous blog post, I spoke about Norbert Wiener and is theory that “The concepts of cybernetics which originated in (CSR) have spread to practically all disciplines, many now used within the scientific study of complex systems. CSR has the potential to contribute to the solution of relevant problems, but the path towards this goal is not straightforward.”

This blog goes further into detail about cybernetics films, using scholar and academic sources and how these sources further developed my research and understand of cybernetics and cyborgs. These foundations influenced the development of my final digital artifact, A personal short recount, review and rating of cybernetic based films. I chose this artifact as I found it was an interesting way to showcase a genre of film that may not be as popular among others. I’ll be honest with you, when I found that each lesson was spent chatting and then…

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