Living in a Surveillance Society

Studio A

In a previous blog post, I talked about Cyber Surveillance in Advertising as well as how we are being watched in everyday life, while before I simply took a glance at the subject and jotted down ramblings from my own fascinated mind. Now I will be looking at research done by others to utilise in my Digital Project for this subject BCM325 Future Cultures.

Screen Shot 2015-03-30 at 8.08.54 AM

(Source: Heath Hinegardner, (2015), Surveillance Nation [ONLINE]. Available at: [Accessed 23 April 2018] )

In Media in the Age of Cyber Surveillance Podesta mentions how “Emails never die. Once sent, they live on” (Podesta, 2015) He then goes on to explain how e-mails are stored on the computers of the sender and recipient, they are also storied on servers and Podesta says they can be intercepted. As well as phone calls where data is recorded by telecommunication companies, these then can be subjected to investigation…

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