BCM325 research report


Virtual reality and the future of fact

In a previous blog post, I talked about Virtual reality (VR) and the future of fact, I have introduced VR’s basic knowledge, its device and my proposal about how to research it. Before start, I really want everyone to see a movie: Ready Player One. It shows some features of future VR, if you have seen this movie, you will really get a better understand of future VR. In this blog, I will summarize what I have learnt from other people’s research on VR. I will summarize how VR can be used in workplace, education, and medical.


Figure 1: Ready Player One screen imagine.

Virtual reality in Workplace

According to researches by Kugler (2017) and Higgins (2017), VR in workplace can be summarized as follows:

  • VR will take collaboration to another level

Collaboration is an essential part of a healthy workplace. As…

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