What’s really going on beyond our knowledge in cyberspace…?

Life of Cassie

Now as I am about to partake in a digital artefact research assignment it is important that I share with you some of the scholarly sources I am going to use in creating my topic information. My digital artefact is going to pose an open question to my audience:

“Cyber surveillance: our friend or foe?”

Now I know that I am going to be looking at this is a ‘research report’, though it is going to be presented in the format of a podcast to convey a digital artefact. I am going to be taking a stand and between the research I have conducted and my general knowledge of the topic I am going to be pushing the ‘foe’ ideology.

Now to pose another question to pose to you all.

“Can you really say that you find it comforting that the government and probably wider federal agencies hold all of…

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